The Power Of Website Design - 5 Ways How to Influence The User

When someone mentions website design, you might instantly start thinking about logo designs, colors and layout. But there’s more to website designing and website designs. Websites can actually influence your user in more than one ways.

1. Effective Fonts In Body content

Fonts are very important. Almost as important as the content that you type in. In fact, the even the colors and the size of fonts matter a lot. Now, you’d have to be a specialist to be able to understand all these nuances, but for simple people like us, what we must note is that the human mind is trained to read in a particular manner. We trained to the black fonts in the newspapers and text books; we are used to plain simple fonts and our eyes are accustomed to it. Keeping that in mind, we must note the importance of fonts.

With the right fonts for the right text and the right font color, you can easily win over your people. The first step towards winning them is done.

2. Call To Action Tabs

The second way to influence your reader is with call to action tabs. And research shows, that no matter HOW pro your reader is, the straight call to action tabs always work. For things like leading your user to subscriptions, it’s the call - to - action that works. A sentence like ‘You should subscribe here’ works much better than ‘e-mail for subscription.’

Although, call to action is conveyed through words, the point is that a modest instruction needs to be passed on. That’s why this specific point comes into the ‘website design’ section; evidently your website design must support such ‘call to action’ zones that emphasize on thing that you want to convey.

3. Manipulate Images

There’s a reason why I say ‘manipulate’ images. That’s because images also speak - just like words. Where we communicate with words, it seems more like a monologue. Where as an image is a strong ground for communication that serves like a dialogue between the reader and the image.

Moreover, it is reported that image taglines are the first space that any reader observes. This is one thing that a website developer must absolutely not miss. So why not manipulate images to convey what you want to? Put up a relevant image; consciously include images in your website design and use them (and the taglines) to interact with the user. You can also use them to promote sections and products on your website.

4. Navigation and 5. Interlinking

We shall look at points 4 and 5 together as they deal with related information. Navigation and interlinking of content, on their own, can influence the user to stay on your website and enjoy the content that you are presenting to them.

Easy navigation simply means the user can find whatever he is looking for easily. The catch here is that, navigation on your website can not only help users find what they want, it can also show users what you want them to see.

Interlinking of content on the other hand, is also a way to help users to navigate within your pages and read more of your content. If you look at the image below, the hyperlink will take the reader to another of your esteemed work. Such editorial linkages are not just enjoyable, but also something that the reader appreciates.

And trust us on this - these little things might not bring you direct gratification (like someone giving you a pat on your back), but the numbers will speak. So hang in there and work on HOW your website design can influence your users.

Author is a dynamic young entrepreneur who works on problem solving and creative solutions in areas of e-commerce, web developments, social media and SEO. She enjoys blogging.

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