Blogging From Home: How We Use Tools That Match The Marketing Pros

The major purpose for online businesses is to produce revenue through keeping the consumers satisfied with all their needs. Accordingly, and as a website owner, you must grasp the importance of back links for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and building consistent traffic to your website.

The ability to increase traffic to your home or business blogging project requires continuously working to increase your website’s presence and acquiring the attention of your target audience. Effective blog marketing strategies must be in place in order to match the skills of professional marketing gurus. After grabbing consumer awareness, it necessitates continuous updating of strategies to maintain the client’s curiosity. To accomplish this, you must monitor your website activities.

Resourceful marketing pros use blogging strategies for segments of their website traffic such as the social media traffic to obtain an understandable view of the impact that the social media traffic has on their website. This strategy affords the website owner the ability to analyze the exact information social media traffic loves the most, the amount of money they spend while visiting and the rate at which returning visitors actually come back to your website.

QuickTagger is a helpful coding application that ejects the extended links that assist Google in adding up the number of website visitors you have accrued from social websites. Furthermore, Tweetburner generates a shortened link for account holders to set up on its website so you have the ability to identify your target audience more rapidly. Consequently, this makes it undemanding for you to track all of your Twitter posts. Categorizing and effectively tracing what website ended up receiving your posted links is also trouble-free.

Overall, the Google Analytics Tagger and Twitter tool unite and tag every Uniform Resource Locater (URL) published along within the Google Analytics promotion, and it becomes a useful tool no professional marketer can do without. In fact professional marketers, affiliates business owners, and social media strategists already track their referral URLs in order to quantify their success rates and veritable ROI. This tool makes the administrative task easier for the whole industry by having a button in the toolbar, that even the casual blogger has access to rather than subscribing to professional marketing tools.

In an effort to capitalize on the juice from every traffic source, writers and bloggers are becoming more aware they need to use more marketing tools like QuickTagger to track the effectiveness of their writing engagement. Even changing titles and split testing the method of promotion through different social networks is now possible, to the degree that there is a simple way to regenerate and export a newly categorized link. Try it! You might find the case study of comparing clickthroughs from different titles published into social media may give you a better understanding of not only your blog content, but how you communicate that content through Twitter.

Juliana works with Los Angeles based InMotion Hosting (@InMotionHosting), who provide Dedicated Servers, as a  Marketing Specialist. You can follow her on Twitter @JulianaPayson.

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