Is Social Media the Beginning of the End for Direct Mail Marketing?

In a world where all the information about your company is online, is there still a need for direct mail marketing? With an increase in free marketing – such as email and social media - do we really need to pay to target our customers?

Traditional forms of “pen and paper” marketing are seemingly being ignored by small business owners in favor of online campaigns. But even with a tight budget, the power of direct mail marketing is something that should not be ignored.

Why Direct Mail Marketing Can’t Be Beaten

Targeted forms of personalized, direct mail marketing can dramatically increase your sales leads. Marketers tend to forget that emails can be deleted without being opened and not everyone in their target audience uses social media.

Specifically targeted leaflets, postcards and brochures are a great way of conveying messages to your clients. Unlike social media platforms such as Twitter, you are not restricted to 140 characters.

Research by USPS showed that 64% of customers said they valued the mail they received through the post, and 52% of people said they preferred this to email marketing. This highly personal way of targeting clients is proven to work. The study also showed that 94% of customers would act on a promotional offer they received in the post.

Social media may be a free way of communicating, but as this research shows direct mail marketing is preferred by your clients. You can reap the rewards of a successful campaign very quickly, and see a marked increase in your sales leads.

How to Run a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

When running a direct mail marketing strategy, it is important to follow a consistent and clear method. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to increase your sales leads. By following these tips, you can get excellent results from your next campaign:

•    Target Your Mail – Identify your target market and write for them.
•    Use a Stamp – Franked and bulk mail gives the impression of junk mail. Increase your open rate with a personalized, bespoke envelope.
•    Handwrite the Envelope – Mail merge your envelopes with a special handwriting font to give the impression of a handwritten letter.
•    Copy Matters – Capture attention with a good headline and follow up with engaging and interesting copy. Provide a call to action and make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors
•    Personalize – Address your clients by name, this will make them feel valued and increase your open rate.

In an age where we rely on the Internet for so much, the importance of a personalized marketing strategy must not be over looked. Businesses of all sizes can yield the benefits of an integrated marketing strategy. Combining both the online and offline elements can give your marketing strategies a real advantage over your competitors.

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