6 Great Project Management Apps

So you have your business degree in hand and your new job as a project manager—but what comes next? Below you will find a list of the best project management apps to help you go from business student to outstanding project manager.


BaseCamp is one of the most popular project management tools for a reason. Basecamp makes it easy to communicate in order to avoid messy email chains or chat sessions that are easily erased. BaseCamp will notify you via email if someone commented on your project. You can sign up for the Daily Digest email to get a rundown of what happened the day before, and Basecamp allows you to upload files for easy sharing. The calendar function allows you to schedule events and keep track of time in order to make all of your deadlines. The program also includes group chat and Writeboard functions for real time communication. BaseCamp is available in a number of different languages, making international communication easier than ever. BaseCamp offers a number of plans with various pricing options to meet your company’s needs. With so many features, it’s clear why BaseCamp has millions of users.


Campfire is a simple chat service that is designed to facilitate collaboration and editing in real time. If you need to chat about a project with a team that is in various locations, Campfire allows you to easily upload documents or photos for editing and feedback. The chat rooms are password protected and invite-only, so you can make sure to include only the clients and team members relevant to the project. Campfire is available as an iPhone app or as a service through your web browser, so there is nothing to install on you computer.

Google Docs

All you need is your team to have access to a Google account and pretty soon you will be using one of the greatest file sharing and collaborating tools Google has to offer. It’s excellent for editing documents with a group in real time.

Less Time Spent

Less Time Spent is a great way to track your time. Simply start the timer to punch in and start the time and punch out. You can also add a description of what you are doing and calculate in expenses in order to create an accurate expense report. If you need to keep track of how you spend your time in order to get paid, Less Time Spent is the tool for you.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an iPad app designed to easily track tasks for any given software development project. You can easily change task priorities while quickly sharing attachments and other files. Users can create, edit, and delete tasks for seamless collaboration. Anyone pursuing some type of business degree can get a head start on productivity apps with Pivotal Tracker, which allows you to make sure your entire team is on the same page.

Ta-da Lists

Ta-da Lists allows you to create to-do lists that you can access anywhere. It’s simple and easy to use, making your pen and paper list making a thing of the past.

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