How Email Faxing Saves Your Company Money

When businesses look at saving money, they always try to look at the big picture. That is why the details can sometimes get overlooked and good ideas get lost. If you look at the simplest office activity and then expand it out to the entire office, you can get a better look at how an idea can save you money.

A good example of this is faxing. The cost for one person to fax one document may seem insignificant. However, when you have several people faxing several documents every day, then the costs start to add up. That is why email fax services make sense to companies looking to save money.


When you figure the cost of receiving faxes, you need to consider everything that has to do with that fax. There is the paper, the ink or toner used to print the fax, the time that your employees spend away from their desks to pick up faxes and the cost of keeping that extra phone line.

One fax may cost pennies, but hundreds of faxes can start to add up. When you use email faxing services you eliminate every one of those costs. The only time that you use supplies with email faxing is when you print out faxed documents. The money saved just on supplies can pay for an email faxing system several times over.


Think about the productivity lost to paper faxes. The machine needs to be checked to make sure that the faxes are retrieved and distributed properly. If you get a significant amount of unsolicited marketing faxes, then that adds up in materials costs and the time lost for employees to have to sift through those marketing faxes and discard them.

When you use an email faxing system, employees do not need to leave their desks to get important faxes. You can set it up so that each key employee has his own email fax account which guarantees that important faxes get to the right person every time. You can also block out those unsolicited marketing faxes and prevent time lost going through them.


When your sales people are on the road, you may need to overnight them important faxes as the documents arrive. You could fax those documents to the hotel the sales professional is staying at, and then risk everyone in the hotel knowing your company’s business.

An email faxing service eliminates the need for costly overnight packages and prevents your confidential documents from being made public.

You never realize how much something as simple as faxing documents can cost your company until you take a comprehensive look at the costs. After doing this kind of analysis, it only makes sense to look into an email faxing service.

About the Author: Alpha Finefrock is a business finance consultant. He specializes in finding ways businesses can cut back on unnecessary expenses to save money.

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