Tips for Creating Company Workwear

Printed workwear is a great way to get any company noticed. Furthermore, it is one of the cheaper ways to advertise a place of business. By having employees wear company t-shirts, they will be advertising for the business while they work. Also, the owner and persons employed will be able to wear the apparel in public during the weekends or time spent away from the office, which will catch more persons’ attentions. Here are some tips on creating a successful image for the company:

Standing out means having a creative or unique logo. This can be done by working with an outside professional graphic designer who will be able to create different possible logos to be used for the company’s image. When choosing a concept for the logo, often simplicity is better than the overly complicated. The letters need to be legible and the acronym should be relevant. Simplicity does not imply boring, but be careful as to what the logo may imply about a company.

A variety of styles are available, from basic black on white to multicolored apparel. Again, it tends to be easier to work with a more basic logo. However, a stylish and sporty or aggressive looking logo stands out even more and will consequently catch more people’s eyes. Keep in mind what the company image and logo is trying to project. Subtler designs suggest comfort and reliability while jagged and sharper images create a feeling of cutting edge and purposefully trying to standing out.

Protect the logo by copyrighting. It is important to copyright images and logos so that designs are not ambiguous. The logo should be associated with only one company. This process can take some time and energy in order to sufficiently meet the standards required for protection. However, it is important to not cut corners and make sure the paperwork is done properly. Consider hiring a patent lawyer for complete and thorough copyright protection. This will also allow for the prosecution of other companies that may try to use the copyrighted image.

Make sure the employees represent the values of the company. If someone is seen doing negative or illegal activities while wearing a company’s shirt, this stigma will be passed on to the place of business as well. This means it is imperative to know the workers and make sure they emit only positive energy and feelings in regards for the brand they represent. If the company requires outside salespeople to increase share of the market, have associates wear company apparel. Remember, basic human psychology will play a factor, so the salesmen need to look professional and maintain an appropriate image for themselves and the company.

In additional to printed workwear, a company’s brand should be continued through vehicle graphics, website design and business stationery such as custom printed NCR pads, invoices, letterheads and business cards, in order to create optimum brand awareness.

Follow these steps to create successful printed workwear for the company. Create an image, either by yourself or with an outside consultant. Understand the implications of what the logo projects. Copyright the image to protect the business from outside companies using the logo. Make sure all employees who wear the company’s clothing represent the values of the company. With thoroughness and tenacity, the business will build a positive image and become more productive.

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