Mapping Out Your Company Image

Starting a company takes time and planning. Within that plan you must take into consideration your company’s image. It is one thing to throw together a company; it is another thing to start a company with an image for success. From start to finish there are design concepts, advertising, and marketing strategies that must have an image to advertise. Therefore it is suggested to map out your companies image. Here are a few considerations that should be taken when you plan your image.

Design Theme:

When you imagine your company, what do you imagine? Do you see basic colors spread across TV ads and magazines? Do you imagine a company website complimenting themes and rich textures? Whatever you see, your design should be adaptable and appealing. Choosing your color palette, textures, and lines, can help define your company image. As we associate yellow and red with McDonalds, you will want your colors to be associated with your business.

Logo Design:

Drawn from your design theme, your logo should speak about your company with minimal words. A good logo tells the story of the company in a small image used as an icon for the company. Choose a logo that is either relevant to your industry, company name, or symbolic of the message you company portrays. This will assure your company will be recognized by that image wherever your targeted audience sees it.

Slogan or Tagline:

Your slogan is as important as your logo. Perhaps even more so. This is the spoken word that will deliver your message to the masses. Many companies choose a solid slogan that instills trust and confidence. Others may choose a quirky or humorous slogan that catches on. Properly choosing your slogan should be based on the type of business you are in. More professional fields should have a more professional slogan than an arcade would.

Also take into consideration your audience when choosing a slogan or tagline. You will want to assure that nobody gets offended whether or not it was intentional. Keeping your slogan politically correct, will assure higher acceptance and credibility, as well as a larger target audience.


Your company image deals with more than just design factors. It also includes content. You want to offer the best content to your customers as possible. This can include facts, figures, testimonials, or information regarding your products or services. Having accurate, relevant and informative content will increase credibility and a higher company image.

Advertising and Marketing:

There is an old saying “there is no such thing as bad publicity”. This isn’t true. Even though advertising everywhere can get your company’s name out there, you will want to be careful which avenues you choose. If you are targeting a specific audience, you will want to assure your advertising would be accepted by them. Taking out an ad in a local smut magazine would be a bad choice if you are trying to reach wholesome families looking to refinance their mortgages.

Creating your company image is as important as creating your company. Take your time and explore all of your options, map out your company’s image and plan every design aspect. Create a dynamic logo and color scheme that will represent your company in the way you always imagined it.

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