Local Ways to Grow Your Small Business

With the influence of the Internet, some businesses have become so focused on getting the entire world to notice them through the Internet when all they need to impress are those living locally. It doesn’t matter how well your website ranks in traditional searches if you cannot get your local prospects to take notice of you.

Even search giants like Google and various websites are acknowledging the power of local marketing. That’s the reason for why local searches have emerged. In fact, traditional search results are pushed below in favor for local search results. Here are a few tips to get customers within a 25-mile radius to take notice of your business.

1. Get listed.

There are so many search engines that allow local businesses to set up their listings for free. The best thing about claiming your listing is that there may be a lot of other businesses which are in the same niche as you are, but since most of them are located miles away from where you are, they do not pose real threats. On the other hand, if someone who lives nearby runs a search for local providers, you’ll be one of the most convenient choices. There are a lot of places to sign up for but make sure to set up a Google Local and a Yahoo Local listing.

2. Know the 25-mile rule.

Take out a map and then draw a circle around your store’s 25-mile radius. The target of your marketing strategies should be living or working within than 25-mile radius. Doing so will allow you to minimize the cost of your marketing campaign by investing in a targeted direct mail campaign which focuses only on customers who live or work within that 25- mile radius.

3. Launch a contest or a draw.

Coming up with some sort of contest or draw is an easy way to gain exposure for your business and also meet your customers. You can get your local paper to do a story regarding your contest and then get the media involved during the event. People, by nature, find the idea of winning something irresistible so you can always count on a contest to draw in people.

4. Be involved.

One way of getting people in the community to enter your store is to care for the community. That involves helping non-profit organizations and charities. It always pays to give back.

Chris Marentis writes from his experience in Social Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales. He currently runs a local business marketing Surefire Social and provides local marketing to small businesses.

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