5 Effective Ways to Make Money from Banner Advertising

Any web-trotter would notice this ubiquitous, catchy little, rectangular advertisement like web things adorning the web paradise. And if you too have spent any time surfing, it’s unlikely that you have missed this popular form of advertisement, which although might differ in their appearance, subject matter and approach, in their basic function they are absolutely unified: they are made to be clicked on, an approach made to directly take users to the advertiser’s Web site. This is what we call is publisher monetization.

What are banner ads?

Banner ads are simple online advertisements or to be a little more technical, simple HTML codes whose importance in the internet medium is comparatively immense.  In the same context, you’d like to know that Banner advertising offers complete support by driving in quality traffic, thereby initiating sales. A click is all it needs to click big time!

Here’s to your banner endeavors, 5 Effective Ways to Make Money from Banner Advertising; incorporate the learning and your metrics will speak for your success.

Target Audience

The first tip to a successful banner campaign is to target the right audience and then creating a banner for them. To a layman, banner is but benefit and aesthetics. Identify your product and your target audience before you display your banner. Your banner without your audience relating to it is a futile effort; exactly why it becomes so important to know your target audience, their age group, sex, likes, etc. that will give you an idea of the tonality of the copy to be used and also the color scheme. Knowing ones target audience is half the work done.


Attach relevant and most targeted keywords to your banner ad to increase your chances of higher ranking. The second most important element in having a successful banner campaign is to attach your banner ad to the most targeted keyword, which are also relevant to your business and the banner. With searches generally happening with keywords, the faster your ad appears in the search engine giants like Google and Bing, the better it is for your business.

Inspiring copy

Exactly how well your banner ad will convert rests in the hand of our trusted sales companion- the banner copy. With so many ubiquitous banner ads floating in the web, why exactly will users click on your ad? For your users to do that your copy needs to be inspiring; it needs to compel. Your banner must be catchy for you have only a glance or a two of the audience to capture the attention of your audience. Make sure your banner copy is crisp, clear and snappy; like a super charged ad that will take very little time to read and comprehend and yet is concrete enough to make your users click on it. Here’s where your compelling copywriter comes in.


Probably not a very pleasant advice, but banner advertisement is not a place where you have much room for fancy. When it’s your banners you’re talking about, an approach that’s relatively straightforward will bring fruition faster. Also, banners that inspire, emotionally uplifts or give a positive feel to the user works exceptionally well in generating clicks. Banners are the only place where you can harmlessly play with emotions.

One offer at a time

This might sound trivial but most companies seem to make this mistake of cramming their banners with too many offers resulting into a conversion that’s quite opposite to what they expect. Make multiple offers if possible and do not constrain your budget on this. The cafeteria theory will not help while you are trying to make money from your web banner ads.

To add, research your competitor’s banners and also banners relevant to your business that are floating on the medium. Creating a great banner that gives the right message and earns you money, is not hard. All one needs is a bit if research and these 5 never to forget ways!

This article has been contributed by Dhruv Kapoor, a talented virtual assistant and link builder from Offshore Ally. Dhruv has talented designer as well and has a knack for anything creative. If you need a professional VA for real estate services, visit the company site.

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